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Providing Everything You Need

Puppy Training

The Pack Leader offers comprehensive private puppy training services to help owners develop a strong relationship with their pet. Through education and positive reinforcement techniques, The Pack Leader will empower you to help you and your pup reach your full potential.

Basic Obedience and Manners

The Pack Leader offers premium private dog training services that equip your pup with the basic obedience and manners they need to be a well behaved companion. From teaching commands like 'sit', 'down', 'stay' to leash walking, our team of experienced trainers will help your pup reach their full potential in no time.

Personalized Training

At The Pack Leader, we are dedicated to helping your pup become the best version of themselves with personalized training that fits their unique individual personality. We believe that every pup is different, and deserves to be treated that way.

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